Brand: Mazda
Model: MX-5 NCFL
Engine: 2.0
Type: N/A
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Power: 205 HP
Weight: 1050kg

Additional Information: 3 x Mazda MX-5 NCFL. Flat shift – allows gear changes with the gas pedal floored. Auto blip – rev matching on downshifts. Torsen LSD. Full Trela Motorsport safety cage. FIA homologated seats and harnesses. Modified drivetrain. Altered suspension system with track geometry (various suspension setups). Modified braking system with additional cooling. Modified exhaust system along with an intake manifold. Stoptech sport brake discs and pads. Additional engine cooling. Real lap times: 1:58 at Silesia Ring and 1:52 at Poznań Circuit.

Phone: +48 660 740 440
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