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Only cars equipped with Nankang AR-1 tires (dry tires) and RGC FW02 SOFT (rain tires) are allowed to start in The Race (Classes 1-5, without OPEN). The ODS tag is mandatory (tyre marking). There is a limit on the number of tires per Round – 8 dry tires and 8 rain tires. The decision to use rain tires is made by the team or when the organizer informs the official “RACE WET”. The team does not have to start on new tires at every round. The tires on the car cannot have a tread lower than the one specified by the manufacturer when placing the mark.

The maximum width of the tire used depends on the net weight of the car (without fuel and driver):
  1. Car up to 900 kg – maximum tire width 205 mm
  2. Car from 901 kg to 1000 kg – maximum tire width 215 mm
  3. Car from 1001 kg to 1100 kg – maximum tire width 225 mm
  4. Car from 1101 kg to 1200 kg – maximum tire width 235 mm
  5. Car from 1201 kg to 1300 kg – maximum tire width 245 mm
  6. Car over 1,301 kg – maximum tire width 255 mm
It is allowed to use steel and light alloy wheel rims with a diameter of 15, 16, 17 and 18 inches and a maximum width of 10 inches.

For The Race Competitors:

  1. Free shipping on tires.
  2. Official prices for the Cup imposed by Nankang
  3. Possibility of transporting tires for the first Round of the season + free change at the first Round
  4. Free vulcanization in the remaining Rounds depending on previous applications

Contact regarding the purchase of tires:

ODS hotline: +48 501 080 767
ODS mail: