The Race – Central European Amateur Touring Car Endurance Championship: Team endurance racing for everyone!

The Race is a possibly low-budget Cup designed for touring cars. We focus on equal opportunities and the spirit of fair play, which is why we have introduced a number of rules that limit costs:

  • The same, cheap tire (Nankang AR-1) in limited quantity for the Round.
  • Limit the value of a car in a given class (from EUR 20,000 to EUR 35,000).
  • Car modification limit.
  • Public budgets of the Teams.
  • Limit of 2 mechanics per team.
  • Minimum requirements from the driver (helmet, collar, racing suit).
  • All homologations current or expired.

The 2024 season consists of 7 Rounds held on 6 race tracks in 5 countries – Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The formula of The Race for 2024 is 2 hours of training combined with qualifications and a 6-hour race during each Round! Teams of 2-3-4-5 people will be allowed to start. The entire season covers up to 5,500 kilometers on the best race tracks in Central Europe.

What if you don’t comply with the regulations? There is also an OPEN class for all cars in The Race!

  • Cars that do not comply with the technical regulations (Consent of the Organizer required).
  • Cars starting on tires other than those specified in the technical regulations.
  • Cars that exceed the budget of EUR 35,000 gross.
  • Cars that are prototypes (e.g. Radical), SUVs and those that are not touristic.
Why Endurance? Because we love long distances!

We love the number of small elements that influence the final result of the Team. There are no accidents in Endurance. We cannot count on luck to win the race. What counts here is the work of the entire team, drivers, mechanics, appropriate strategy, observing the competition, and selecting the pace to suit the current position in the grid. Only good decisions count here. When will the driver change? When to refuel? When to change to rain tires? That’s why we love these races!

Join The Race and build the history of long-distance races again!