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The 2024 season consists of 7 Rounds held on 6 race tracks in 5 countries – Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We start at Slovakia Ring, Pannonia Ring, Lausitzring, Autodromie Brno, Autodromie Most, Silesia Ring.

The principle of The Race for 2024 is 2 hours of training combined with qualifying and a 6-hour long-distance race. It is very important to prepare a car that will cover a distance of 600 to 800 track kilometers during each Round. The entire season covers up to 5,500 kilometers on the best race tracks in Central Europe.

Each Round is a separate competition during which from 90 to 120 Competitors in 30/35 Teams compete with each other on race tracks in 5 capacity classes + OPEN class. The points collected for the results in individual Rounds give The Race’s seasonal classification.

Teams of 2-5 people will be allowed to start. The driver can drive for a maximum of 90 minutes without a break. After this time, he must take a 30-minute break, during which he cannot perform any function in the Team. The physical preparation of the drivers themselves is very important. Driving a car for an hour and a half in race conditions is exhausting; stress, heat, maximum concentration, observation of opponents, communication with the team.

Additionally, at the end of the 2024 season, on the occasion of Polish Independence Day, at the Polish Silesia Ring we will take part in the longest race in the history of Polish motorsport, an 11-hour race partly held at night! This will be an Extra Round not counted in the seasonal classification.

Each of our events is described by a PR team specializing in motorsport events and immortalized by photo and video multimedia agencies.

We invite you to start and cooperate!